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Sea Salt Bar Soap

(6 customer reviews)

From: $6.00

From: $6.00

Salt is good! Good for healing, detoxifying, and supporting life itself.  

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Salt is good! Good for healing, detoxifying, and supporting life itself.

$6/bar, or buy 4 or more for $5/bar

About the Soap:

Made on a little farm beside
a rippling creek. Derived from 100% essential oils and yielding a generous lather, each soap will invigorate and revive your skin.
100% free from anything cruel or synthetic. Like you and me, each one bears the handprint of the creator.

Contains no less than 4.5 net oz of
the saponified oils of coconut, olive,
shea butter, and canola, and black walnut, essential oils.



PackageWeightSize (in)
Case/424oz 5x4x3

Questions & Answers:

Bar Soap

Absolutely, we designed them to look nice before use.

Slightly, as the fragrance leaves the surface. As you use the bar, more fragrance will be released.

At least 4.5 ounces

Our soaps are fragranced with essential oils, the essence of the plant. Nothing synthetic.

Lemongrass, Lavender, Peppermint

It’s not possible to have organic bar soap because of the process. If someone is claiming to sell an organic bar soap, they are not being honest.

6 reviews for Sea Salt Bar Soap

  1. Sheila B. (verified owner)

    Long lasting

  2. Lyla R. (verified owner)

  3. Angela (verified owner)

  4. Caitlin T. (verified owner)

    Love it!

  5. Christopher C. (verified owner)

    Light scent but feels like it really helps exfoliate

  6. Cheryl Diane Bell (verified owner)

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