Bars come in cases of 25 bars.  Order by individual bars.  $2/bar, SRP $4/bar

Note: If ordering only a small quantity of bars, quantities of 35 and 60 get the best deal on shipping.  Also, We can mix cases between kinds when you’re starting out.

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Specify smaller 5 oz size for $2.50 or larger 16oz size for $5.00.  There is no case-quantity restriction on granola.  SRP $4.00 and $8.00

Note: Small granola quantities incur higher shipping costs.  Order at least 4 bags, or combine with other items.

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There are 4 bars in a case. Order by the case.   $3/bar, SRP $5-6.

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These custom-made wood displays are a nice way to display and sell the bars on your counter.

Three sizes to choose from: Large (3 wide shelves hold 54 bars), Medium (3 shelves hold 27 bars), Small (1 shelf holds 9 bars).

The displays ship to you flat and you assemble them at your place.  No glue, nails, or screws – just slide the parts together.

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