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Bar Soap

Absolutely, we designed them to look nice before use.

Slightly, as the fragrance leaves the surface. As you use the bar, more fragrance will be released.

At least 4.5 ounces

Our soaps are fragranced with essential oils, the essence of the plant. Nothing synthetic.

Lemongrass, Lavender, Peppermint

It’s not possible to have organic bar soap because of the process. If someone is claiming to sell an organic bar soap, they are not being honest.

Energy Bars

The Green Bar

We segment the energy bars in half, and the nutrition facts are based on one segment for an equal comparison with other energy bars on the shelf. You could eat a half at a time. We have not found many people who can eat only half – you’re welcome to try.

We use only local maple syrup and honey, high-quality sweeteners. These count as “Added Sugars” on the nutrition facts, which range from 22-26 grams per bar, depending on the flavor. Carbohydrates give quick-burning energy for exercise or as a meal replacement.

Around 400 calories. Our energy bars give energy in several forms – quick burning carbs, slow burning fats, and long-lasting protein. They are about twice the size, twice the weight, and twice the price of your typical factory-made bar.

Our bars are shelf-stable, and we stamp an expiration date of 1 year after packaging. Just before sealing, we drive out oxygen with a burst of inert nitrogen gas that keeps them fresher longer. They won’t get hard like a typical energy bar. They taste so good, you’ll eat them long before before they go bad.

Yes. We mix, bake, and package our bars in our commercial bakery on the farm.


Each has its own following: Ginger Turmeric is the most unique. Blueberry is a nice breakfast granola, along with Cherry Almond. Maple Pecan is a traditional flavor that works with everything. Mango Tropical is the slowest, but not to be forgotten and a favorite of some.

Mascavo is an unrefined brown sugar from sugar cane. We have friends in Brazil who supply it to us.

We use high-quality sweeteners: local maple syrup and raw unprocessed cane sugar from Brazil called mascavo. While there is some small amounts of other sugar in the ingredients we buy, we do not use white processed sugar. The nutrition label for each flavor shows the precise amount but it ranges in 8 to 11 grams.

A 12oz resealable bag and a single-serve 4oz bag. We also offer a 5-lb bulk box once you become convinced you like it.

None of our ingredients contain gluten, and oats are naturally gluten-free. However, our products are not certified gluten-free, so if you are very sensitive to gluten, we cannot recommend our products to you.

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