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The Shed is Almost finished

Exciting progress on the farm

As mentioned before, a new friend offered us a large supply of lumber that was going to be thrown away. It had to be denailed, but it was so helpful for us. We worked together to denail the boards, then we stacked them by size.

We built it on rails, so that the shed could be moved sometime in the future. It has 2×6 joists and 1″ flooring, all free, making a 10’x10′ platform. Then we framed walls, added rafters, built soffits, and installed metal roofing. We went with board-and-batten siding because it was available, and we’re finishing up the door and window. We’ll install a solar panel, battery, and LED strips to give it off-grid lights.

To celebrate, we offered a 10% off promotion for the next week. Use coupon code “SHED”.

On deck is a wash station that’s already started. And then in the spring, we start on fencing. If anyone knows about installing deer fencing – what works and what doesn’t – please send us an email.

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