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Why we use maple syrup and honey

Do you know why nearly every product has processed sugars of some kind? Because it’s cheap. And the world of nutritionists and doctors have been warning its users to avoid it. It’s cheap, but it’s hard on your body.

We use nature’s highest-quality sweeteners – honey and maple syrup. These ingredients have been used safely for centuries, barely processed on their way from nature’s source to your mouth. Honey and maple syrup both contain minerals and vitamins not found in processed table sugar, and these nutrients help you stay healthy.

We know the Michigan beekeepers personally. We know the local maple syrup makers personally.

Maple syrup is untainted by genetic engineering or pesticides, simply because of how it is made. You go out into a forest of trees and tap them, and then boil the sap until it’s syrup. It’s very natural.

When you eat one of our energy bars or a bowl of granola, the sweetness you taste is not just pleasing to the tongue, but it is some of the healthiest and natural sweeteners you can get.

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